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Perry & Co. is a full service asset management consulting firm that assists property owners and taxpayers of aviation, commercial, industrial, multi-unit residential and residential properties with real estate transactions, site selection, incentives, valuation, property tax management, and associated government relations. With over 40 years of experience, our business consultants have assisted clients locally, nationally and globally to maximize asset value through minimization of operating costs leading to increased payback and enhancing a property’s ROI.

Perry & Co. was founded by Mark Perry, CAE, MMAO. Mr. Perry has accumulated knowledge and experience in all forms of asset management through past employment engagements in local government and corporate sectors over the past 40+ years. Our full service business consulting firm employs this experience attained in all areas of asset management, property tax management services and associated government relations. We have represented both individual and corporate clients, assisting them with resolving their real estate, property tax, and regulatory issues.


Driving exceptional real estate and property tax solutions aligned with our customers’ business strategy.


We will deliver exceptional, innovative, value-added real estate, property tax and government relations solutions contributing to our customers’ sustainable growth.

• Knowledge, Expertise, Competence

• Integrity, Trust, Respect, Loyalty

• Efficiency, Effectiveness

• Predictability, Reliability

• Leadership

• Personal and Professional Development

• Communication

• Personal Well-Being

• Customer Focus

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