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Real Estate Management

Corporate Real Estate Services

Perry & Co. is a provider of Corporate Real Estate services (“CRE”) for those clients in need of a real estate portfolio management outsourcing solution. Our company works with the client to determine what form of outsourcing engagement works best for the client. Such arrangements can take the shape of retaining Perry & Co. on a short or long term consulting agency basis, in the form of contract employee basis or a combination whichever makes the most economic business sense for the client.


As an experienced provider of CRE services, our shared successes as a sourcing solution is rooted in proven processes driving value-added propositions for the client beginning with the capital acquisition process, site selection, incentives through reduced occupancy cost during the life cycle of occupancy. During the term of the engagement, we also assist the client with increased revenue enhancement opportunities by working closely with the clients finance department utilizing key financial statement indicators for each property in the portfolio.


Owner/Landlord Representative

Perry & Co. is committed to delivering the best possible representation to our clients whether the service engagement is a property disposal or lease-up. Our agents/brokers offer over 40 years of multistate commercial/industrial marketplace driven knowledge and expertise in every aspect of the property disposal or lease-up processes.


After evaluating the client’s real estate needs, our staff will recommend the most appropriate marketing strategy to dispose of or lease-up the property. Because we have the capability to provide a valuation opinion, the client is assured they will receive the most economical practical recommendation leading to a market driven conclusion.


Combined with our multistate network of experts developed over the past 40+ years and employing the latest appraisal technology, we are confident our market analysis and/or appraisal report documentation will bring a value-add proposition minimizing payback period and maximizing cash flow, ROA and ROI.


Perry & Co. owner/landlord representative service offerings are extended to the subject matter expert areas including:

1. purchase/sale agreement negotiation;
2. lease negotiation & lease renewal;
3. relocation;
4. lease audit defense;
5. facilities management;
6. property management;
7. renovation & tenant improvements;
8. existing building expansion; and,
9. new construction.


Buyer/Tenant Representative

Perry & Co. is committed to delivering the best possible representation to our clients whether the service engagement is a property acquisition or lease. Our agents/brokers possess multistate mixed commercial/industrial marketplace driven knowledge and expertise in every aspect of the real estate site selection process.


After evaluating the client’s business operational requirements, our staff will recommend the most appropriate inventory of available properties on the market and site selection strategy to acquire or lease a new/existing facility. Because we have the technical capability of searching the target market for available properties fitting the client’s business needs coupled with the components of valuation and financial analysis, the client is assured they will receive the most economical and practical recommendation leading to a best probable market driven conclusion.


Perry & Co. buyer/tenant representative service offerings are extended to the subject matter expert areas including:

• purchase/sale agreement negotiation;
• lease negotiation & lease renewal;
• subleasing;
• relocation;
• lease audit defense;
• facilities management;
• renovation & tenant improvements;
• existing building expansion; and,
• new construction.


Site Selection

Perry & Co. has over 30 years experience with working with corporate executives, real estate professionals, and site selection experts in all 50 states and several Canadian provinces. Choosing the best site for a business start-up is a task involving each functional department of the client directly and indirectly impacting the consolidated financial statements of the enterprise. For this reason, site selection should be entrusted to experienced site selection experts; site selection is not just a real estate proposition, site selection is a business operations process with a real estate component.


Based on the many inputs from all functional departments, the site selection process is one of elimination. Based on the inputs from all of the functional department stakeholders of the client, the site selection expert along with the client’s project manager will facilitate the client’s site selection team through each step of the site selection process. The process of elimination factors in client’s internal and external qualitative and quantitative data based on a prioritization of the client’s long-term business operational goals. The value-add of an experienced site selection expert is facilitating the client’s decision-making process to the ideal location or expansion decision serving the long-range plan of the client.


In addition to facilitating the site selection elimination process, Perry & Co. also works closely with the client’s government relations, finance and tax departments conducting due diligence, performing feasibility studies, financial modeling comparisons, incentives application and negotiation, and appearance before state and local agencies. Our site selection team also coordinates the decision making process involving state and local economic development agencies through well established relationships within the economic development community, local business organizations, and other local brokerage and corporate real estate professionals in the region.


Areas of site selection related expertise:

• multi-state incentives analysis, application, negotiations & approval;
• real estate portfolio optimization;
• supply chain optimization analysis;
• labor and public utility cost savings analysis;
• real & personal property tax cost savings analysis; and,
• private & public sector economic development consulting.


Industry site selection related expertise:

• agriculture;
• aviation;
• automotive;
• back-office / call centers;
• chemical (e.g., coatings, paint);
• consumer products (e.g., plumbing products, cabinetry, plastics, consumer services, tools, paint, furniture, oil & gas exploration tooling, hardware, electronics);
• corporate & divisional headquarters;
• data centers;
• defense (e.g., rolled metals, forged, casting);
• general / advanced manufacturing (e.g., steel, brass, plastics, wood, fabric);
• R&D;
• warehouse/distribution/logistics;
• waste water treatment; and,
• woodworking (e.g., kiln drying, milling, rough/finished cut, finishing, logistics).


Due Diligence

The due diligence team at Perry & Co. has in excess of 40+ years experience working with a team of company operational business executives, engineers, sales, marketing, risk management, accounting, tax, appraisal, mergers and acquisition, attorneys and real estate professionals performing the pre-buy inspection of property before closing. The term “due diligence” within the mergers and acquisition industry typically refers to the thorough inspection and investigation of real and tangible personal property assets of a target business before a buying company makes the final decision whether to consummate an acquisition or merger.


The experienced due diligence project manager will have developed a due diligence checklist which provides the client with a strategic acquisition analytical planning tool to acquire or develop a target property. The due diligence checklist will serve to provide the client an organizational structure for: 1) analyzing the transaction; 2) assigning due diligence team specific responsibilities to avoid oversight of material functional department data points and areas of risk; and, 3) identify areas of the due diligence process that may require engaging professionals outside of the internal due diligence (e.g., appraisal, environmental, independent audit, legal, surveyor, tax, title, etc.).


As it relates specifically to a real estate acquisition transactions, Perry & Co. generally requests the seller provide copies of:


• “as built” building plans;
• prior year’s and pending real & personal property tax notices, bills, returns, appeals);
• previously issued and current appraisal reports;
• current year’s paid and unpaid property specific invoices;
• maintenance & warranty agreements;
• previously issued title policies (when applicable, abstracts);
• previously issued surveys;
• community zoning, land use, master plan, and flood plain maps;
• building inspection reports;
• soil compaction test reports;
• environmental reports (Phase 1, 2, and 3);
• public utility reports (water, sewer, electricity, gas transmission/distribution);
• other civil engineering and architectural reports;


The above documents augmented by other special-use property documentation often assists the buyer identify potential material issues with a property. Additionally, requested due diligence documents may also identify previously retained vendors, suppliers, consultants, and other professionals who may be familiar with the property and may be retained by the new owner to continue supplying goods and services after closing.


Valuation & Valuation Advisory

The valuation and valuation advisory team of Perry & Co. has performed real estate valuation and market analysis assignments for over 40+ years and maintains a working knowledge of the major commercial and industrial real estate markets throughout North America for transaction and property tax assessment assignment review purposes. Accurate and reliable valuations are critical to the success of every business decision maker. As globalization continues to reshape business models worldwide, our clients rely on our ability to communicate reliable opinions of value.


Our valuation service is supported by a national network of highly knowledgeable valuation experts supported by the latest technology platform enabling us to timely opine current value through documented market analyses and comprehensive appraisal reports critical to financial reporting, transaction support and property tax assessment negotiations and appeals.


Our valuation advisory service strives to assist our clients realize minimum asset acquisition capital outlay, minimize payback period, minimize property tax and insurance premium expense, and maximized disposition sales proceeds.


Valuation and valuation advisory services include:

• valuation report & market analysis;
• valuation & market analysis for sale/leaseback;
• appraisal reviews;
• lease & cost analysis;
• insurance valuation;
• discounted cash flow analysis;
• due diligence valuation & market analysis;
• mergers & acquisitions valuation & market analysis;
• present value analysis;
• highest & best use studies;
• litigation support services;
• property tax appraisals & market analysis; and,
• property tax assessment appeal.


Lease Audit Defense

A “lease audit” is an essential form of tenant representative service Perry & Co. offers its clients as a means of minimizing lease-related operating expenses incorrectly charged back to the tenant. Lease-related expenses such as common area maintenance (“CAM”) pass-through expenses are among the largest lease-related operating expenses a client may incur. The lease audit service is among the leading tenant representative service in which a client should gain confidence they are remitting payment of no more than the maximum amount allowed under the terms and conditions of the lease agreement. The lease audit if performed properly, will detect miscalculations and improper charges by the landlord. These improper charges can possibly cost the tenant tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars over the term of the lease.


Over the years, Perry & Co. has acquired extensive experience identifying miscalculations and improper charge-backs revealed through knowledge of property management supported by real estate accounting. This match assists our clients with determining whether their lease related expenses have been appropriately invoiced pursuant to specific terms and conditions found in the lease agreement.


Our lease audit inspection process begins with a careful examination of the lease agreement, tenant’s accounts payable records, onsite property inspection, review of landlord’s accounting records followed by issuance of a thorough lease audit report of the potential issues. Once the client and Perry & Co. have made a determination there are material improper charges and client has given Perry & Co. written authorization to proceed, our representative will assist in the negotiation of potential overcharge refunds or offset against future lease payment.


Lastly, Perry & Co. thoroughly understands and respects client’s ongoing business operating interest in the leased property throughout the entire lease audit process; Perry & Co. will strive to maintain and strengthen the landlord-tenant relationship.


Project Management

Perry & Co.’s “project management” team consists of experienced “project managers” equipped with the skill sets to manage a myriad of real estate, tax and government relations projects. Our project managers are equipped to develop solutions addressing our client’s challenges when formulating outsourcing strategies; critical corporate environment interior build-outs, workspace reconfiguration, and relocation; major building renovations; tenant improvements; manufacturing plant closure, relocation and auction liquidation; and distribution center/warehouse conversion/transition to third party logistics providers.


Specific to a construction project management, the project manager is the client’s representative on the construction job site and in the board room. Our project managers are trained to assess, make a determination and implement the exact desire of the client based on our client’s thorough knowledge of all relevant documentation. Perry & Co.’s project managers possess the ability to implement client’s internal contract control, accounting, safety and engineering policies and procedures by forming and maintaining a close daily relationship with the client’s designated project representative. Forming a close daily relationship with the client’s representative is an essential ingredient ensuring prompt communication of recommended change orders, budget impact, time, and quality of workmanship driving client/customer satisfaction.


At Perry & Co., the project manager is accountable for ensuring everyone on the project team and on the job site knows and executes his/her role and responsibilities. Therefore, the project manager is empowered to act upon the belief that those roles will be performed in a manner consistent with the client’s policies and procedures. Safety is a top priority of Perry & Co. so empowering the project manager to safely deliver the project on time and within budget is the specific responsibility of the project manager.


Other key responsibilities the project manager is held accountable for include working with client’s project representative to:

• identify the project team;
• develop a project plan achieving the project objectives;
• develop a capital investment project budget and controls achieving the budget objective;
• develop a project schedule;
• identify potential project risks & preventive action plan to mitigate risk; and,
• identify potential project conflicts & preventive conflict resolution action plan.


In addition to construction project management, Perry & Co. also provide “owner’s representative” construction management services. The “owner’s representation” services include; project planning, budget adherence, cost control, scheduling, identification and adherence to project time constraints, change order, claims mitigation while ensuring quality requirements of the contract documents. The owner’s representative provides these services to building/property owners, developers, project investors, and others.

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