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Economic Development

With over 40+ years experience providing real estate management and site selection services to our clients, Perry & Co. has successfully collaborated with clients and local jurisdictions identifying new business sites leading to the retention and creation of thousands of new jobs. This activity in its simplest terms is known as economic development. We have experience working with local jurisdictions on all varieties of commercial and industrial site selection projects developing economic development activity and strategies.


National, state, and local community economies are very dynamic, business and local jurisdictions economic development strategies must be flexible to react promptly to adverse changes putting at risk a community’s tax base. An ideal economic development strategy should address contingencies to stabilize or maintained a local tax base as much as possible.


A sound regional/community economic development strategy should work to stabilize the tax base limiting the loss of property tax revenues limiting the need for reduction in services. A stable/growing local economy directly impacts job retention/creation, business expansion and attraction. Without a sound economic development strategy a community increases the risk of the community’s ability to mitigate adverse business and economic conditions potentially compromising a community’s ability to maintain a healthy tax base and population retention.


Perry & Co. possesses the requisite knowledge and experience to assist community leaders address financial challenges of a dynamic local economy. When consulting with private and public sector community leaders, we assist them with refining an economic development strategy centered on 9 key principals. They are, but not limited to:


• develop an international/North American economic development network;

• establish why targeted industries can perform better in your community

• develop knowledge base about the marketing area

• develop clear and concise marketing materials building a community brand;

• develop a strategy for marketing the community brand;

• develop a strategy for target industry marketing (see #2 above);

• identify community strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities (“SOW”) and play to your strengths;

• appearance matters, develop community clean-up programs and enforce blighted property ordinances; and,

• confidentiality, know when it is right to timely announce a secured site selection project.


Our company works with the client to determine what form of engagement works best for the client. Whichever makes the most economic business sense for the client, such arrangements may take the form of:


1. retain on a short or long term consulting agency basis;

2. as a contract employee;

3. project-by-project assignment basis; or,

4. a combination of all the above.


Tax Incentives Management Services

For over 40 years, Perry & Co. has represented its corporate clients with such site selection inducement services as tax incentives, tax credits, tax increment financing, bond financing, monetary and land grants. Identifying an existing building or greenfield site is only a portion of the overall site selection solution; aligning the client’s labor, logistics, public utilities, and other factors key to the client’s overall business strategy is essential to the elimination of competing sites relative to the right site within the right region.


Often, awarding an incentive package is the only solution available in a local jurisdiction’s economic development tool kit making a site economically competitive with other competing sites in the region. In addition to the local incentive package, the overall state and local government incentive package must be aligned with the overall tax planning strategy of the client’s parent entity; Perry & Co. will work with the client ensuring the negotiated incentive package contains the right mix of incentives complementing the parent company’s overall tax planning strategy.


Legislative Policy Subject Matter Experts

The subject matter experts of Perry & Co. will provide subject matter expertise and research for such issues as real estate, property taxation, incentives and economic development. Perry & Co. is neither a lobbying nor public relations firm; however Perry & Co. maintains quality relationships throughout the nation with state and local government officials and the media. As subject matter experts, we do not lobby electable officials nor develop public relations strategies, our role upon request is to educate officials and media in the technical areas of expertise.

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